Friday, July 18, 2008


I know it has been a month since my last post, but really, truly, honestly nothing very blog worthy has occurred since then except for me turning 24. The last 3-4 weeks have been filled with lots of long days training the teachers as well as preparing some of the materials for the school. We have also been meeting with prospective parents and showing them around the school and answering all their questions about Montessori and such. It has been really interesting to partake in these discussions with parents. I have come to find out what things parents are the most concerned about when deciding on a school for their children. I have been surprised! Last Friday was our last day of training and now we are on holiday for two weeks. Everyone that I know in Sarajevo has left the country for various destinations so I have been alone here. I was a bit nervous about that at first but I am totally loving it now. I have been occupying my time with good movies and good books and a bit of pampering here and there. Today I am going for a massage and on Saturday a pedicure. I am indulging now because I am pretty sure that once September comes I will be so busy and so wrecked that I will not have the time nor energy to do so. I really have to start working again soon. I am completely logged off right now so I am going to ease my way back into work before I have to be on full blast once more. Today I am going to work on the list of books we want to order for our little library. One thing I just remembered that is cool news is that we decided on a name for the school...Blooming Child. I am in the process of creating a blog for the school, so when its ready you can read that one as well.