Thursday, November 27, 2008

New boots!

It started snowing about two weeks ago. I woke up Saturday morning to find everything completely white. It was so beautiful and I was thrilled. These happy sentiments only lasted seconds. As soon as I stepped outside I found out that my old boots would just not do, I was slipping all over the frozen ground and my feet were soaked after a short walk through the park. Appearently the traction and the water proofing had worn out after 2 winters in Rexburg. It was obvious that my need was immediate which I was not thrilled about becasue things here in Sarajevo are so expensive, especially clothes and shoes. I was really hoping to hold out until I was back home to buy anything.
Reluctantly I began my mini adventure to find a pair of boots, but not just any boots, I wanted them to be inexpensive, comfortable, warm, waterproof and of course CUTE! I knew this would be a challenge. The first problem I encountered was size. I guess people here have small feet because I couldnt find anything above a size 8. When I finally did, they were all too narrow for my wide feet and were squeezing my toes together. After a while I finally found a pair that met all my requirement...almost. When I checked the price I wanted to cry. 250 km! That's 162 dollars, which okay, maybe that doesnt seem so bad, but I have never in my life spent that much on a pair of shoes. My usual shoe stores are Payless and Target. My old boots were like $40. I didnt want to do it, but it was my only was either fork over the money or break my leg.

I am really happy about my boots now. They are warm and comfy and I feel much more confident walking through the snow, I havne't slipped at all. The best part is that they are pretty cool (I think) and I believe my brothers will be quite proud of me when they see them. If you know them at all, it will be obvious why.


kalalatu said...

nice blog


The Cobabes said...

i think they are adorable <3

can't wait to see you when you are home!

Lorena said...

Oh heavens...shoe shopping. Seems like such a luxury that college kids don't get, DANG IT YE STUPID HOMEWORK. Miss you!

The Kradolfers said...

...cause they are nike :) Am I right? I so know what you mean. It took me forever to find shoes when I was on the mission after mine were falling apart. I searched for boots too...not an easy task. I think you are lucky you found ones you liked and it sounds like you did it in one day, not bad! Took me several P-days :) Glad to see you are updating, haven't seen you on chat 4-eva! :) love ya! 2 more weeks! (ps. my word verification was counizzl :)

Marc and Stacy said...

Super cute boots! Hope all is well!! :)