Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dubrovnik and a funny story I never told!

Today is the 22nd day of rain here. Its unbelievable! Its my last weekend before I leave and I was planning to spend the day walking around the city and enjoying down town Sarajevo one last time. Obviously my plans have changed. So here I am surfing the net, facebooking and blogging.

In May (yeah, we have already established how badly I suck at keeping my blog up to date) I went to Dubrovnik with the Ashford family. Max is a little boy in my class and I have loved teaching him. He is adorable. I have gotten to know his parents Anna and Charlie pretty well, they are way cool, and so when they asked me if I wanted to go with them to Dubrovnik I was so excited. They had friends getting hitched there and so they wanted someone to watch the kids (Max has a little sister Mia, also a cutie) while they were enjoying the wedding.

Me and Max

Here is a little lesson on Dubrovnik for those of you who have no clue what and where it is. Don't feel bad, neither did before I came to the Balkans. Dubrovnik is a Croatian city on the coastline of the Adriatic Sea. It has a walled city with fortresses at each corner built in the 10 century. As you know from my last post, I like old stuff so I am was completely fascinated.

The drive there was so gorgeous. We traveled through the mountains and then down the coast. I loved it!

the Adriatic Sea

When we arrived, we went to the flat that we were staying in. It was right on the harbor. Beautiful view! Huge, I mean gigantic cruise ships were coming and going during the whole trip and the kids loved watching them.

a view of the bay

the Franjo Tudjman Bridge , right across from the flat we stayed in

The next day we went to the old town. Before going into the walled city we had some lunch. I have mentioned before how I feel about the pizza in Sarajevo. But Charlie was insisting that the pizza in Europe is much better than what you find in the states. I was very skeptical! I guess it depends on how you like your pizza, but for me if you have to eat it with a fork, its not right. Anyhow I order pizza to prove I was willing to give it a try and it was a bad as I had imagined. While I was at it (showing my open mindedness) I also tried a piece of Charlie's OCTOPUS. I have texture issues and eating tentacles just grossed me out. Not something I will try again anytime soon.

an island fortress

outside the walled city

After lunch we explored the walled city for a few hours. So cool! The architecture was unreal. We didn't have time that day to walk the city walls so we planned it for the next day.

can't recall what this building is, awesome architecture though

a cool fountain that was built in the 1400's by some Italian guy

pigeon square, Dubrovnik style (Sarajevo has one just like to come in next post)

The next day it rained. And the day after that. And the day after that.

I never got to walk the city walls or go to the beach, but even so the trip was really fun. I am easy, I am happy just hanging out watching movies or reading a book. I was wonderful just to get out of Sarajevo for a few days.

Okay, so here is the funny story that I never told, but just for you to have a laugh...its never to late I guess. This happened way back in January when it was cold and snowy and miserable. Flor and I were on our way to work, Eskimo jackets, snow boots and was bloody cold this winter. Normally we walk through the park but the paths were so icy we decided to go the other way, down the stairs. I wanted to be extra careful, I was not about to have a broken leg. So we are walking along and then...BOOM!!! I am down! It happened so FAST, it took me a few seconds to realize what had happened. It's not what you are thinking, I didn't slip on the ice, I fell into a HOLE! The look on Flor's face when she turned around was priceless. Of course she was concerned that I was okay, but I must have looked like such an idiot because she couldn't help laughing. After I climbed out of the pit we were both laughing hysterically (luckily I wasn't hurt) and then we started wondering how it was possible. We figure out that the hole was covered with a lid, but it wasn't fastened. I must have stepped on the corner or in the exact right spot to change the balance and make the lid flip up. Later, I jumped back in to take a photo for your enjoyment. This reenactment, Flor can assure you, is nowhere near as funny as I really looked. I suppose there is a good reason why Jenna always calls me "clumsy Hayley." That moment started a chain reaction. I think I fell like 3 more times that week. Good thing I want to live in California for the rest of my life, I'm sorta safer there.


The Cobabes said...

haha. your funny hay. im glad you are enjoying yourself there. that walled city looks pretty cool!

i cant wait to see you though!

Kam I Am said...

Holy cow, that place is beautiful! A photographers dream.